Finest Wood Veneers Crafted to Perfection

Since 1934, C.H. Langner Veneers has stood as a premier expert in veneer manufacturing and your steadfast companion in the world of veneer trading. Our devotion lies in presenting meticulously chosen, top-tier veneers hewn from the most exquisite woods, tailored to complement the refined environments of our discerning clientele.

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At C.H. Langner Veneers, sustainability resides at the core of our values. We embrace the use of renewable wood resources with a profound commitment to conserving our planet's reserves. Veneers prove to be a prime example of this, as each tree trunk yields several thousand square meters of exquisite veneer.

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Committed to our environmental responsibility, our company proudly carries FSC® certification under FSC® C009569


[Translate to English:] Das Bild zeigt einen Rundholzstamm, der von den Mitarbeiter*innen sorgfältig ausgesucht wurde.
The round timber season has begun!

We are thrilled to announce that ...

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