Our philosophy

Sustainable business and environmental protection are very close to our hearts. As a renewable raw material, the tree is therefore an optimal product for us and for the production of our veneers. Reforestation enables the forests to grow healthily, so that we make an important contribution to environmental protection with our processing.

This also continues during further processing: After the logs have been stored, a very careful process begins in which the bark is first removed. After further treatments (steaming, etc.), the wood is ready for brightening. Recognising the grain and deciding on the type of slicing brings the hidden visible surfaces from the interior to the surface. The character of the trunk is revealed. Our environmental plus: The production of veneers makes the best possible use of the precious raw material wood in terms of quantity. This protects the valuable natural resources.

We carry out extensive inspections of our wood suppliers in order to always select the highest quality wood for our customers. We take special care to ensure that our veneers offer the best possible price/performance ratio.

Our high product quality is the result of our many years of expertise in veneer production. The aim of all our efforts is to meet the special requirements of our customers. Because your satisfaction is our best reference!

Our company makes every effort to prevent the trade in dubious wood.

For us, dubious means in particular:

1.) Illegal logging or trade in illegal timber or forest products
2.) Violation of traditional and humanitarian rights in forestry operations
3.) Destruction of high conservation values in forest operations
4.) Significant conversion of forests to plantations or non-forest use
5.) Introduction of genetically modified organisms into forest operations
6.) Violation of any of the ILO core conventions defined in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

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Veneer - a product of sustainability

Our company is FSC® certified – FSC® C009569

C.H. Langner Veneers is a sustainably oriented company. We use the renewable raw material wood in a resource-saving manner, whereby it should be emphasised that several thousand square metres of veneer can be produced from one tree trunk. This means that the valuable raw material is optimally utilised, so that several products can be manufactured using veneers from the same tree trunk. The possible applications are manifold and veneers can be used, for example, in interior design as well as in the furniture and automotive industries.

Products with the FSC® trademark contain wood from forests that are managed in an exemplary manner. The forests are certified according to the specifications of the Forest Stewardship Council®. Ask us about FSC®-certified products!