A Foundation of Utmost Quality Standards

Our success and your satisfaction are built upon a foundation of high-quality standards. To ensure this standard, our own employees meticulously monitor and document the entire process of reprocessing, classification, and sorting.

The Creation of Veneers

Veneers offer diverse applications and economize on material costs by preserving the precious resource of "wood." But how are veneers created exactly?

It all starts with a careful wood selection, where only top-tier tree trunks chosen by experienced specialists for veneer production are selected. These trunks are processed at the veneer plant. During this process, the trunks are subdivided into predefined lengths, shapes, and growth characteristics to later set the marks for slicing accordingly. Our experts decide individually for each trunk which technique is best suited for veneer production – whether it's peeling or slicing – and what an impressive array of veneer patterns can be produced. Subsequently, the veneer blocks are boiled for varying durations depending on the wood type, achieving a pleasingly warm coloration and enhancing the wood's suppleness.

The annual rings and the unique grain pattern, representing the "fingerprint" of each trunk, bestow the veneer with its distinctive character, making it an unparalleled masterpiece.