Veneer as a natural masterpiece: New arrivals

We have been to the most interesting log auctions and have purchased some specialities and produced them into veneer for you. Especially the maple or the oak offer a special picture for the lover. Wild service tree and walnut logs are classics anyway.

These new additions can be obtained from us immediately and we look forward to your inquiry.

This picture shows a section of our new addition "Asp-Veneer"
This picture shows a section of our new arrival "Pippy-Oak-Veneer"
Pippy Oak
This picture shows a section of our new arrival "Swiss Pearwood-Veneer""
Swiss Pearwood
[Translate to English:] Dieses Bild zeigt einen Ausschnitt unserer Neugzugänge des Furniers "Platane"

Current special offers

We are currently able to offer you these special veneer woods at particularly favorable prices:

Name Usage Quantity Price/m²
European maple bar steamed panels / furniture 4.000 m² 1,80 EUR
Maple - burl   500 m² 5,00 EUR
Pacific. Maple panels / furniture 1.000 m² 1,00 EUR
Oak - burl   250 m² 5,00 EUR
Swiss pearwood panels 1.500 m² 1,50 EUR
Eucalyptus panels / furniture 1.500 m² 1,00 EUR

Prices refer only to these items for the total sqm per item.

This picture shows a section of our current special offer of the bamboo veneer.

Special Offer


1.300 qm - 2,90 €/qm

Prices refer only to this item for the total sqm.