Our Company History - A Tradition of Quality and Exclusivity

Our family-owned enterprise boasts a proud company history that spans three generations, firmly rooted in a commitment to quality and exclusivity. C.H. Langner Veneers was established in 1934 by Carl Heinz Langner, creating a longstanding legacy within the veneer industry. The initial phase of the company was shaped by the veneer trade.

In 1972, the second generation, comprising Werner and Claus-Günther Langner, assumed leadership. Under their guidance, the product range expanded, sourcing the most precious and unique wood species through round timber purchases and transforming them into exquisite veneers.

Starting from 2001, Claus-Günther and Marc Langner jointly continued to steer the successful enterprise forward.

Since 2021, Marc Langner has been serving as the sole managing director, leading the company with the same passion and expertise as his predecessors. The next generation is already being integrated into the company, ensuring the proven expertise and high-quality standards persist for the decades to come.

As a family-owned business, we remain consistently motivated and adaptable. Our flat hierarchy allows for swift decision-making and rapid responses, ensuring that we provide our customers with the best possible service. With our long-standing tradition and dedication to quality, we will continue to be a dependable partner in the realm of veneers in the years ahead.