Location & Stock

C.H. Langner Furniere was founded in Minden in 1934 by Carl Heinz Langner, who is also the bearer of our company name. Since 1957, we have been at home at our current location in the Häverstädt district. Here we have more than 100 different types of wood in stock on around 3500 square metres of storage space, which is spread over 2 levels. Here you will find everything from A for Ash to Z for Zircote, as well as all kinds of high-quality veneers. You are welcome to get a first impression of some of our veneers at our Veneer-Gallery.

For an inspection, we make the veneers available on pallets for viewing. So that you or your end customers do not have to "buy a pig in a poke", we are happy to offer you the service of restacking.

Video of our stock